Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Best of Times is NOW!

This is the BEST time in history to be alive! It's our time. I know today is getting bad press but we are part of a revolution. Change is not always comfortable.
I believe we are going from a time when materialism was king, to the time of the Queen of Hearts. It takes heart to let go of old ideas and look inside for what really matters.
What would you do if you didn't care how much it paid? What is it that makes you dance a little when you think about it?
My bliss is creating beautiful things to wear, to eat, to dress up my home, without being limited by social norms or media dictation.

I have a friend who calls me the Mistress of Found Treasures. I get a real kick out of making something old and forgotten useful again. Not just useful but more exciting than before.

Our landfills are full. Discarding things that still have life left in them just seems so wrong to me. I am doing my part to recycle. I love the new word "upcycle" which means "turning found objects into art". You know taking that old black jacket and dressing it up! You love the fit but it needs a little somethin'somethin'.

My new adventure is called The Velvet Princess.....Vintage and previously enjoyed fashion with passion.
Sisters of the trash to treasure revolution unite! Get out your glue guns and find the joy of creating something from what ever you already have in your closet, dresser drawer, or kitchen cabinet. Hand made is back and the new black ......well it is still black but with a little sparkle added!

Check out my new etsy store New things are being added all the time. Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment and let me know what you working on. If you make something contact me I'd enjoy including you in a post! See you soon.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Monday so good to me.

It seems on Monday morning taking care of business is the first thing on the plate. Sunday is a day of rest and spiritual contemplation. I attend The Center for Spiritual Living Los Angeles. I get my mind going in the right direction and my heart filled by the wonderful music. You may always count on a   great talk by the eloquent Rev. John Mc Lean. It's the best way for me to start the week.

When Monday morning rolls in I'm ready to start the week fresh and inspired. I celebrate the art of dressing. One of the things I enjoy the most is a fresh white blouse. Nothing like a crisp white cotton to get you ready for a day of getting things done .  Check out my shop for a great selection of affordable white blouses. have a wonderful Monday may it be good to you too!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Night

Tom Waits is singing in my head....the heart of Saturday night. Put on some heels and go dancing. It's a new year and a fresh first Saturday night.
What are you doing on this Saturday night? NCIS can wait. LOL Move to the music in your soul, get out and embrace the city.

Los Angeles has so much to offer. Find a free concert or stop by the Edison down town for some history. Hit the third Street Promenade and enjoy the street performers.

I love to wander the Grove and people watch. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite thing to do on Saturday night!

Wishing you the magic of the first Saturday in 2014!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Simply the best New Year Brings New Friends.

It's a New Year! Last year had it's challenges. They are behind me now and I am facing the future with excitement and inspiration.

I started a new venture last year, I opened a shop on etsy.  This has given me the boost I needed to start blogging again. Nothing makes me more inspired to write than seeing the amazing work that is being done all over the world by artists and curators near and far.

People are busy creating art and restoring collectibles in their garages, kitchens and where ever space is found. Sewing machines are buzzing, clay is being tossed, buckets are filled with vintage linens soaking to perfection to be shared in etsy stores . Being a part of this community has connected me to people from all parts of the world.

I have found a kindred  spirit in Ashley of Antique Alchemy. Ashley has been a collector from childhood. Her passion for vintage collectibles has now turned into a full time job. The thrill of the hunt, the history of each piece, and the amazing connections she has made provide her a rewarding fun filled life. This is Ashley.

Living in Toronto Ontario Canada and area rich with history gives her an esty shop filled by her eclectic tastes and provides delicious finds in every category.

As a team captain she leads others shop owners to success, sharing her knowledge and keys to success. Simply the Best is the name of the team and it is a great fit because this is a group of sellers who work hard and are dedicated to providing the best etsy has to offer.

Stop by her shop and take a look for yourself.  If you hear Tina Turner singing in your head you will know your in the right shop! LOL. That is our theme song! Simply the best,better than all the rest because the members of this team are dedicated to great customer service and quality products you will always be able to trust.

Happy New Year wishing you all Simply the best life has to offer! See you soon. Lilli