Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vintage linens are my chocolate!

I love vintage linens. I have been collecting them for years. I recently visited a web site that was so wonderful it inspired this post.

Grandma G's is a beautiful web store full of delicious products created from vintage linens. She has the greatest links for collectors to visit.

I felt like I had just eaten the most wonderful chocolate dessert.

If you love vintage linens her big bottom bags are the best!

Check out Grandma G's. She is located at Make Mine Pink in a Little Pink Boutique.
These photos are some of my collection. It would figure that sweet Jewels would jump in the trunk while I was in the kitchen photographing the stack of white linens. But this was a real photo op.....he crawled in next to a pillow case with a kitty on it! A kitty that looks just like him!
You can't plan a photo like this one. Sorry I'm late to show and tell but I had to post this. Yummy!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Show and Tell Mondays

Good Morning! It is 2 a.m. I have been up all night figuring out new things on the computer. Sound familiar? LOL Well I only used the computer for email and to read my horoscope till a few weeks ago when I started participating on Make Mine Pink.
My DBF taught me how to use the digital camera and photo shop. We are proud to tell you we did not end up in orange jumpsuits! No homicides but a little shouting(me)and a good deal of frustration. We did however manage to get a slide show up on this blog.
Why can the computer make a God loving woman into a manic? RRRRRRR........ I am a patient woman. I work in a healing profession (massage therapy). I am a licensed Science of Mind practitioner. None of my training has prepared me for what I have encountered in learning to use computer technology.
Tonight I am working on my old desk top computer because the modem is blocked from connecting to AOL on the lap top. Go figure!!!
What do I know for sure? I know that everything I have learned is going to be invaluable to me . My dream of having a store is becoming a reality at MMP in the form of a Little Pink Boutique. Things are falling into place one at a time. I know if I keep my sense of humor and kiss the DBF often ( he is a computer technology published author) I will develop skills that will take my creations to the world. ( Pei Le I would have never met you or have seen your beautiful miniatures if I hadn't learned how to use the computer)
To all my friends at Make Mine Pink, Thank You, big hugs! So many of you have been wonderful and supported me in so many ways.
I am showing and telling! Look at my pictures in the slide show and you will see shots of my favorite things!
To Tom, my DBF, you are a special man and I am so grateful for all you have taught me.Your love and support (even when I am less than patient LOL) make my days so enjoyable. Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thrift Store Goddess/Shopping that changes lives.

Ty Wilson is one of my favorite artist. His work is beautiful. He has captured the look that I have down deep in my artist heart. This image is the one I will call Thrift Store Goddess.
The media keeps telling us that retail shopping is down. Our budgets are challenged by so many things . I have always been a Thrift Store Goddess. I call it rescuing. I love to rescue previously enjoyed items and restore them to well loved treasures.
My favorite thrift shop is Good Will. They price by item. All skirts, blouses, jackets are the same price.Each week they have a special sale on a category and a selected color of tag.
It's a great way to save and you know that your purchase is going to help train people who are employment challenged. I love feeling that my purchase is a donation to Good Will.
I got a ticket for running a red light. I worked off my fine by doing community service for The American Cancer Society's Discovery Shops.
These stores are a higher quality than most thrift stores and you can find wonderful designer labels for pennies on the dollar.
I made a life long friend in the manager of the shop where I worked. Monica was the manager of the Beverly Hills store. ( Sadly it has closed due to rent increases that were too high)
Monica is a beautiful woman,a vibrant blond bombshell even at 60 something.She taught me so much. She is a force of nature.
Monica used her knowledge of retail to create an elegant store.It was a beautiful boutique filled with amazing collectibles.You sure would not call this a thrift store. It looked like a fine shop on Rodeo Drive.
She built relationships with donors. We had items that would knock your socks off.
Designer resale clothing,fine china and crystal,vintage art work,new clothing from high end designers,home decor items,furniture, and jewelry.
I saw a home that had been furnished entirely from Discovery Shops. It looked like pages from Architectural Digest!!!
Her own family had been devastated by this disease and she tirelessly raised money to find a cure.
Monica and her darling boy friend Lloyd(classically dashing good looks)have moved to Northern California to live on her family's farm. I miss her and love her. I look forward to visiting her soon for treasure hunting up north.
Find a Discovery Shop near you and know that your next purchase will support finding a cure to cancer.
Let your next purchase change a life. Donate what you don't use and till we meet again may the thrift store goddess be with you.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Renaissance Woman

When you open an on line store you find out the meaning of renaissance woman. You become a web designer,photographer,ups shipper,blogger,marketing consultant and so much more.
I'm learning everything from scratch. I didn't know anything more about the computer than how to read my email and check my horoscope!
It is exciting but if I am really honest ,it can be overwhelming.
I spent 3 hours in Picasa today trying to put together a slideshow. Still no slide show! It is such a great feeling when you finally understand a process.I look forward to that feeling in regard to the slideshow!
After an afternoon of frustration it is good to remind myself that all the things I am learning now will be with me for the rest of my life. Never again will I be computer illiterate.
I like to be good at things right off the bat, I am learning that slow and steady progress is lasting.
If you are working on your store YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS!
I won't let the feeling of being overwhelmed stop me. I'll just keep moving forward(the cursing has reached a new level LOL) Once again let me say,
Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues.....coming to a little pink boutique near you!