Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Make Mine Pink goes to Hollywood.

See you at the shop hop! Prizes and holiday fun start November 2. It's more than a color it's the color of success! Make Mine Pink the premiere shopping network.
You will find great gifts and you can shop from home while sipping coffee in your bathrobe. That is what I call a stress free holiday!

In Southern California people are obsessed with beige. Homes are all creme color and muted shades of beige with black accents. Shabby Chic has almost disappeared.
Once you get out of Beverly Hills you start to see color again. I always say I live so close to Beverly Hills you can smell the botox! LOL
The book signing would be my first chance to infuse a beige world with the color of success, PINK.
Digital Hollywood is a big event. It is filled with deal makers and Hollywood new comers looking to meet the deal makers. You have the pros and the "fringe" ( people looking to get in the loop) It's a sea of "Let's do lunch" Personally I don't "do" lunch, I eat lunch.LOL No one has an empty hand, they are filled with business cards , the ones you are giving out and the ones you are receiving from everyone. Horns are tooting loud and fast all over the place. It is a good buzz of energy.
The event was by the pool at the Loew's Hotel in Santa Monica. I had to park down the block at a different hotel, they had no parking left at Loew's and I got there an hour early. I was the first to arrive at the event and the hotel had not gotten the tables set up. a couple of the other ladies and I rallied the waiters and got the show on the road. We set up tables with white cloths and I staked out my spot and set up. You could feel the nervous energy of everyone wanting to do a great auction.

This is an interview going on with Dr. Susan Block. I really hit it off with her. She is a real character. A vision in purple! The boots were a dark purple patten leather and her jacket was a lovely cut velvet. She is a hat lady and so am I. Her dress has a beautiful broach at the breast, I told her to check out Make Mine Pink for great vintage hats and broaches. I ,of course, gave her a card.

The hostess of the event was caught in traffic , no one knew what to do and where to set things up. But life is what happens while you are making other plans and I remained calm and made friends. I had to move my display several times. Every obstacle became an opportunity to talk about the product and Make Mine Pink. Ladies I am so proud of all of you and what we do, it was easy and my pitch got better with every set up. Opportunity disguised as chaos.
These darling ladies are from the World Trust. Tess Cacciatore is the founder and Executive director (Tess is the blond in the middle.) The World Trust sponsors programs for the empowerment of youth. Check them out at . They were also part of the auction and Tess has a vision board that is featured in the book.

These are a couple of shots of things they had to auction. (not the cute guy, the scooter LOL) and a wonderful bracelet, ( that picture was for you Gail) along with cruises and video games and many lovely things.

The author Joyce Schwarz arrived , God bless her, she must have been beside herself having to park down the block and walk to the hotel after being stuck in traffic and rush in late. This is Joyce signing books. She signed mine,"To Lilli, Who shares the vision ? Lilli and Joyce do!"

I got a chance to meet so many people and hear who they were and talk about Make Mine Pink. The next gal was a doll. She had used a vision board to loose 100 pounds. She carried a photo of her former self in her purse and showed me the "before" shot. What a bright light this gal has, her name is Donna Kosik, her story is on page 154 of the book. I fell in love with her. Her energy was so happy!
I got to meet the founder of My Inspiration Lounge. I had seen her on a blog and there she was in person. I am sorry to say that the picture of her just didn't turn out but here's the link if you would like to check her out it's an information site and full of inspiration.
I loved the sea gull. He knew who he was, one proud bird. ( I took this one for you Inka)That was me girls, one proud bird.

I am so proud of what we do at Make Mine Pink and the way we do it. I can recommend any one of you with confidence that excellence will be their experience. Beautiful products and amazing presentation.

This is Rene'e Piane , she has a company called Rapid Dating. She fell in love with the Bobby Trap so we took a picture of her with the basket and set the intention that she would win it! I can't wait to hear if she got it. I promised her if she didn't win it I knew where she could get more! LOL She met her husband using her own techniques. He was such a doll and sooo handsome. You could tell they were really in love.

I could go on and on . I know this is a long post but I wanted to share my exciting day with you. I have found new ways to promote myself and Make Mine Pink. From the top down you are a delight to me and everyone I share your sites with is in for a treat.

We are going to ROCK this shop hop! Thanks for being a part of my joy. Blessings, Lilli

Read my interview with Joyce Schwarz in the "Women Who Inspire" column for November. The Vision Board/The Secret to an Extraordinary Life ,is a page turner. It's the Clutter Bug Fudge of books! LOL It's so good you can eat it with a spoon.

A special Thank You to Joyce Schwarz for a great interview and a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn. Success is the out come of everything if you look with a clear vision. I see your book building new extraordinary futures. blessings, Lilli

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's in the basket/ Happy pillows.

Just a quick post with a bunch of pictures this week. I am doing a big event tomorrow and promoting shopping at MMP. Funny how I was asked to create a couple gift baskets for the event and this Pink Friday is called In the Basket! LOL

Joyce Schwarz wrote a book on vision boards. It's called The Vision Board /The Secret to an Extrordinary Life.

The first is a basket with a copy of her book in it and a bunch of goodies representing MMP on my vision board. The money goes to cancer victims and I wanted to pass my vision on to someone who needs a new out look. I love my board but I felt it had a higher purpose.

Second is a Booby Trap with a evening bag from Barney's of New York and a crystal heart trinket box with Pat's pot pourri spread in the bottom.( lesson for those doing photos.... don't photograph basket with the cellophane on them. Big shine issue. Do photos before cello. Learn from my mistakes . LOL)

And last are photos of what I call Happy Pillows. They are big, fluffy and soft. I have used documentary prints of vintage fabric in rich linens. I love them ,they make me happy. I love to give them to people when they need a lift.

I have a question. I have more of each of these fabric. I was thinking of making slip covers for my site out of the fabrics. Easy to ship. Great way to repurpose and old bed pillow.

Here is my question, is it too unsatisfying to buy a pillow with no stuffing? Would I be better off filling them? I know I get a real charge out of stuffing them but slip covers are much more practical to ship. What do you think?

Have a great week. Hope to see you all at the shop hop....hopping and shopping! November 2 through 13 at blessings, Lilli

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let them eat cake! A Brown Bee has been buzzing around!

Andie of Brown Bee Studios leads a sweet and crafty life. She designs the most divine pin keeps.

She has awarded me the Marie Antoinette Award. Thanks Andie! Now I get the chance to award 7 others are the rules.

Award rules are:
1. Please put the logo on your blog
2. Link it to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.
I nominate..........drum roll............. Debbie of The Cozy Cottage(great music on this blog) Gail of Gail Friend Designs ( this one has a wonderful Halloween post, have some Halloween fun!) Melissa of Casual Cameo ( this is a link to her first news letter and a give away!) Katie of Katies Rose Cottage ( check out her great photos on her web site, yummy dress form you won't want to miss) Lisa of Pale Pink and Roses ( make coffee for this one she is the Make Mine Pink forum coffee chat diva) Carrie of Noelle Garrett Designs ( I'd say I have tagged her .... she makes the greatest tags) Georgia of Grandma G's ( I drool everytime I see her linens. They are the best and her site has great info. on table cloths for collectors.)
You will see all these ladies at Make Mine Pink. The most enjoyable place to shop on the web!
See you Friday! Everything will be coming up ROSES! Must be all the roses that attracted the bees!
Have fun ladies and let's rock this Friday! Honey, everything is coming up ROSES!Blessings, Lilli

Monday, October 20, 2008

Let's go to the Shop Hop! My Weekend in Paradise.

Save the date November 2. Make Mine Pink will be hosting an exciting shop hop with prizes, prizes, prizes.
I spent the week end preparing for the shop hop at my friend Michael's beautiful bit of paradise.

This week end I spent house sitting. I thought I would share pictures of his critters and the wonderful back yard! First is Jack. Jack was at my side every minute and Launi was way to busy of a girl to worry about me. She is as sweet as can be but very independent. Tommy is a really BIG kitty. He slept with me every night. A true cuddly kitten.
Michael's yard is a touch of Hawaii in Southern California. The pool was amazing and I swam every day!

The last picture is the vintage motor home parked in Michael's back yard. It's sooooo Lucy on the road. I would love to use it as my shop. Stock it with all my vintage treasures and become a traveling saleswoman! Have a great week. blessings, Lilli

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rescue your creative spirit!

You know it's there, you are tired or just don't have enough time to do everything on the to do list. Let me make it easy for you to be in touch with your creative spirit.

I have created the first of my new craft kits. Easy to do. Fun for you and your family.
Get out the glue gun and let's create the Pink Christmas you are dreaming about.

This craft kit is a pink or white satin Christmas stocking. The stocking comes all sewn together and you do the fun part! Decorate.

It can be turned into a Christmas pillow (as seen in picture, poly fill not included.) or used as a stocking. Embellishments come in a reusable white box lined in white tulle. The box has a self adhesive for shipping a small gift. Love to recycle.

Supply is limited. Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues is made up of rescued goodies. Embellishments will vary when these run out.
Just 24.99 with 2 day air shipping of 4.80. Left over embellishments may be turned in to gift tags. 6 plain pink tags with lace frills included in box.(not pictured) A surprise in every shipment!

Let's make this a great holiday. Get creative and have some fun! A CD of relaxing music in every box. Your creative spa awaits at Make Mine Pink.
All the shops at Make Mine Pink have wonderful products at amazingly good prices. We are a group of women who are rescuing customer service. You will get extra goodies in every package from the shops at Make Mine Pink. It's like shopping at your best friends! Come visit in your pajamas, LOL.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big sale on my web site!

Big sale on my web site!

I have marked everything waaaaay down to clear. I am finding a new niche and am ready to clear the old to make way for the new. Check it out. A surprise in every package that I send off.

Check out The Pink October Shop Hop at Wonderful goodies to start your holiday off . Prizes to be won and fun to be had!

Little Pink Boutique

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink

Visit or click on the pink packages in the side bar and you will be shopping in style for your office! It's Office Chic at Make Mine Pink!