Sunday, September 28, 2008

Office Chic or The Home Office Think Tank

I have a home office. Many of you do as well. I don't have a board room , or a war room , I have a think tank. It's my bathroom tub!

Most of my best ideas come to me while soaking in a hot tub of yummy bubbly water. These soothing times are spent cleaning up my ideas and developing marketing. My tools are a wonderful bar of soap and the sweet smells of great bath and body products.
This week I am featuring the products of Savon Marie. Her Blond in the Bath Tub line has a delicious smell of success!
These are just some of the products from her great line of body care. Marie has an on line store at Make Mine Pink. Not only does she feature the best in bath and body care for personal use but she can create a perfect little soap for you to use to promote your business. They make great give aways and will be customized to fit your business.

I thought this sweet foot soap would make a great promotional item for shoe sales, foot massage, and pedicures. You can come up with so many great ideas for how to promote what you do using wonderful incentives . Soaps are a great incentive because everytime it get used they think of you!

Visit Marie and all her think tank tools at or stop by her little pink boutique at Make Mine Pink! This Pink Friday will be a bubbling success!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Art of Friendship

I am so blessed to have a wonderful friend who is an artist. James Richardson is the creator of Booby Traps the wearable art creations featured on my web site .

James is a New Yorker living and creating art in Los Angeles. His studio is on Abbott Kinney the Grenich Village of the West Coast. He is a modern artist with so much style and the king of whimsy.

This week I am featuring his art work for my show and tell. Just want you all to get to see the wonderful things he creates.

James is a good friend. He keeps me laughing and thinking in a positive way. His work is fun! He uses bright colors and is a master with a hot glue gun! LOL

Theses paintings are part of the art show he is doing this week to benefit MS research.
James has supported me through some of the toughest times in my life. He is always up for an adventure like going down to the flower mart at the crack of dawn or gluing a million rhinestones to something just to make it sparkle. I hope you enjoy my little art show and stop by my web site and check out the Booby Traps.

To see James in person visit his studio @1212 Abbott Kinney Venice, California September 12, 2008 from 7 to 10 PM and meet Connie the New York socialite and director of The Charm School for the Uncharming. Don't be alarmed get some CHARM! Below you see her modeling a Booby Trap. She is a very fashion forward girl with a flair for putting charm where it isn't!
Have a great week! blessings,Lilli