Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out of the Shadows

I haven't blogged for a long time. I guess it is these times we are living in. LOL What are these times? It's our life for goodness sake! This is not the dress rehearsal.

I was moved beyond compare by the talent and courage of Susan Boyle. She stepped out of the shadows and has in a moment of courage splashed all over the world with her huge heart and wonderful talent. If you have not seen her please watch this .
She is 47 years old. She has been singing since she was 12. She has never been kissed. She cared for her Mother till her Mothers death at age 91. She lives alone with her cats. Her church didn't even know she could sing. She has now stepped out to world wide recognition for her talent, courage and is an inspiration to many.
I challenge all of us to step out in an act of courage.
What is your dream? How have you held yourself back? This has been a time of reflection for me and has inspired me to step out of the shadows in every way. This a wonderful time to be alive. Whatever you believe and hold dear may today be the day that you step out of the shadows and shine.
Enjoy and Thank You for taking the time to listen. Love always, Lilli