Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a treat! A Womens Retreat!

You’re Invited to attend a spectacular event!
Make Mine Pink presents the first annual Make Mine Pink "Getting Down to Business" retreat in historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia on September 19-20, 2008. Join the Women of MMP, who are always willing to welcome, mentor and help build a circle of friendship.
This is an energized opportunity to network, and gain or enhance business knowledge in a fun and inspiring way~ plus we will have lots of fun, great food, great friends, great information! Casual dress required… stuffiness and worries must be left at home! Make an investment in your business today.
Please come~ MMP welcomes you
Colonial WilliamsburgWilliamsburg Lodge310 S. England StreetWilliamsburg, VA 231851-800-HISTORY (447-8679)
September 19-20, 2008
I encourage you to attend. This is an inspiring group of fun ladies! I have grown so much since joining Make Mine Pink. It will be filled with great seminars on topics that will help grow your business. It will be worth it for the swag bag alone! Check it out!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Late to the party! Show and Tell Monday

Well I'm a little late but I wanted to join the fun and show you some of the cute new eco friendly gift bags I am making.

I found a bunch of lace fabric samples and made them into 7 by 5 inch draw string bags. each one has a ribbon pull and a piece of coordinating tissue folded inside. I will make some matching tags as well.

I am working on a project with Marie of Savon Marie . Marie makes the most wonderful bath and body products.

We are joining forces and creating a SPECTACULAR give away so we will keep you posted on "Pink sisters supporting pink sisters."

Marie has a new promotional item she is creating and together we are going to send it off with a blast!

I would also like to give you a link for a wonderful article written by the sweet man behind Lilli Blue.

That's my honey! We have only been dating for 10 months.

He met me right when my Mom was in the final stages of her life. At a time when most men would have run for their lives, this man held me close and supported me through the worst of times. He has been a true friend and is the driving force behind my entire Lilli Blue project.

He taught me how to use the camera and gave me one to use. How to use the computer and loaned me a lap top so I could get started.

Best of all he makes me laugh and helps me keep perspective when life gets crazy tough.

Check out his blog he has a wonderful writing style I know you will enjoy him.http://tbunzel.blogspot.com/

Monday, July 21, 2008

Santa Baby!

July 21st through 27 is Christmas in July at Make Mine Pink. prizes and fun await you as you get all your shopping done in advance and go for a swim after! LOL. These are a few things I have to offer in my boutique. Happy hunting! Lilli

Sunday, July 13, 2008

City Girls Garden Path

" My garden is my spa, it has all the mud, steam and sun a girl could ask for....." My garden path is a flight of stairs to an old 20's apartment tucked in the back of a four plex in the heart of Los Angeles.

I live in what is called a Beverly Hills adjacent. Which means I'm not really in Beverly Hills but I'm so close you can smell the botox. LOL

I've lived here 20 years this October. I am the only one left of the original tenants from when I moved in all those years ago. The building was purchased by a woman who had cancer. She was a nurse at U.C. L. A. and she bought the building for her four children. An apartment for each one them. She wanted to make sure her children always had a place to live.

Well she has given me a home for 20 years. I have seen many come and go in that time and each one passing through has been a wonderful contribution to my life. Sometimes a friend and sometimes a lesson in patience but each time someone who has taught me something of value.

I used to have a big back yard but when the building sold about 10 years ago they paved the back yard and built another apartment building on the land.

It took a long time to get over the loss and I have thought of moving many times but could never say good bye to this place where I feel so safe.

I have a little balcony I lovingly call the "cat condo". It has a round foot stool where Lulah and Jewels and all the cats before them sun their furry little bottoms . This is where my garden lives. I dig and plant in my balcony garden.

One year a humming bird built a nest in the tree outside my window. The possums and squirrels have moved deeper in now but they used to make a in my tree every spring. A big tree covers my front window and I love the bird show. City birds, excuse me, Beverly Hills adjacent birds! LOL

This week at Make Mine Pink we will celebrate The Garden Path with wonderful treasures you can find to enhance yours. I will surprise you with things for a city girls garden. Stop by for Pink Friday and enjoy the fun!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Boobie Traps

James Richardson is the founder of Bobbie Trap. I am featuring his creations in my Little Pink Boutique.

Wearable art that is all about whimsy is James' specialty. He creates wonderful colorful bodices and brassieres that may be worn or used to decorate anything! Last weekend for his art show entitled "Paintings for the Planet" we used Boobie Traps for the baskets that held napkins and paper plates. An entire wall was covered in these fun pieces.

Paintings for the Planet was a benefit for The Orion Project. The Orion project is doing research and development of alternative energy sources in the private sector. Imagine a world with free energy!
Satins, lace. flowers.beads, pearls and sequins...these are a few of my favorites.
Thank You James

See more at Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues @ www.MakeMinePink.com