Monday, March 31, 2008

How to add a picture to your post or site.

Hello Pinkettas!
Adding free clip art to your forum posts is fun and a great way to practice your computer skills .Have fun learning while decorating email and adding color to your posts at Make Mine Pink.The flowers above are free clip art from She has wonderful clip art you may use to dress up your sites, She also sells CD's of amazing images you may use. The ones you see here today are FREE.

Click on the link it will take you to her site.

Along the side of the page are a list of catagories.At the bottom is one called "Free Clip Art"click on it.

Right click on the free image you want to save. You will get a little menu,click on save as.......

It will become a saved file.

The name of the file is in the little box , you can change it making it easier to remember. " Like MMP decor"ect. LOL( If my boyfriend read this he would die! He writes books on computer technology. LOL Oh well.....)

When you are at MMP. Go to edit avatar that will make the image appear under your screen name.Or go to edit signature that will have it appear at the bottom of the page by your signature.

Click the little icon with a mountain on it. That is the universal image for adding a picture.

Then click browse. It will give you a pop up window with your saved images in it.

Click on the image and it will go into the "name file ' window.

Then click open. That will transfer it to the MMP browse window.

Then click update and have the picture in your post. It will change all your posts and make them pretty.LOL It will add the image to all posts past and present.

Let me know if this is too hard to understand. I have been having so much fun learning new things I just wanted to share this with you and the discovery of this sweet free clip art.

Blessings, Lilli

Thanks Averyl.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome to my new blog!

Well I've done it! I'm a blogger now!

This past year has brought so many new things. Some wonderful some difficult but a blessing none the less.
My dear Mom passed away on February 20th. She had been living with heart failure and Parkinsons for sometime and she gave up her earthly body for a pair of wings. My sister, brother and I will miss her dearly but I know she is always close. She jumped off that hospital bed and straight into our hearts where she will always have a home.

I am working on developing an online store. I have always wanted to have my own resale shop. Those of you who know me know that The Good Will is my second home. LOL I love rescuing things from a life of no use on a shelf to a good home. Now I am taking it to the streets(or the Internet ).
I read in a Cottage Living magazine about a site called Make Mine Pink. What a blast that has been . I have become the new girl on the block with a bunch of lovely woman who are running on line stores with that Shabby Chic touch.
This a great community where excellence and customer service are not things of the past but the nature of the day. go ahead and check it out. To all my pinkettas HI!
To start my blog I wanted to post a poem I wrote for my 50th birthday and just say welcome. more to come soon.

Woman in Full Bloom
by Lilli Blue

20, 30,40,and 50
These are numbers not definitions
I define myself.
goddess, diva, or beam of light
I am spirit having a human holiday.
Tan blond, chestnut brown or auburn red
I am a rainbow and bring color to the world.
I don't need age defying make up
I defy age!
I believe a diamond is a stone
not a goal.
Men are our fathers, brothers ,friends and lovers
Not the question or the answer.
I am a healer
healing myself.
I am a passionate flame
igniting my own fulfillment.
I do not burn
I blaze!
I am deep wet kiss on a hot summer night.
I am not easily forgotten.
I am the sun, wind, moon, and stars.
I am worth your reach.
I won't walk behind you.
I will stand beside you.
I am not a flower
I am a woman in full bloom.

Well that's it for today. Bloom sweet ones into every good thing you ever dreamed.
Blessings, Lilli