Sunday, January 18, 2009

Etsy Bo Ho and Debbie of Patchouli Rose

Well I'm so excited to tell you I have joined a new network. It's called Etsy Bo Ho.

Altered art meets my hippie soul. Debbie of Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor has opened a new store called Patchouli Rose. To be in touch with kindred spirits she started a ning network to bring all of us old hippies together to share our ideas and show of our goodies.

"All boho enthusiasts and gypsies at heart are invited to join my new Ning at Etsy Boho. Come join us for discussions and ideas about boho lifestyle, fashion, decor and creativity! " says Debbie.
You don't have to sell on etsy. It's for everyone.
It is an inspired idea and a fun place to visit. I was amazed at how fast it is growing . I have seen some delicious things that are being made all over the planet. This group is very far reaching. I am pleased to tell you I am member number 6 and more have followed.

It has the mellow lovely energy that Debbie brings to everything she does with a big splash of Gypsy. You know in a moments notice anyone of us could be dancing with a velvet scarf!

I will be putting these items in my web site and developing more. I am working on new things for my shop all with that altered fashion feeling.

Happy Show and Tell! Lilli

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Good Taste" from the dollar store!

I had a fun find at the dollar store today. I have been looking for a give away to include in my shipments that would be a reasonable price and fun to receive. I found these vintage replica Coca Cola playing cards. They won't add weight to the package. I really like the look with my branding. (The Candy lights are by Roxie at Jorabeels. They are not just for Christmas. I couldn't put mine away!Go on light something up)

I was so pleased to find something that fit my needs so perfect.

I bought somethings at Make Mine Pink with a gift certificate I received for Christmas. the next set of pictures are some of those goodies. The yellow magnolia planter is my new piece of Mc Coy from Cupid's Vintage Attic. It was one color I didn't have in my collection. I love Mc Coy and this piece is a great addition.

I also bought the creme candle holders and the creme planter. The planter is Mc Coy and the candle holders say made in Japan. I'm not a purest I just go by what pleases me visually. I had seen these items when I first joined MMP. I never forgot them and when I went back to shop I found they were still there. I was so thrilled.

I also bought a couple things from sweet Pamela at Preserves Cottage. She sent a lovely package of coffee as my gift with purchase. That got me thinking about how much impact a give away has on a customer, I felt so special . That little somethin' somethin' has power! Thanks Pamela.

I love my new plaster of Paris fruit and little green planter. They add a lovely touch to my kitchen. I will be posting on Wednesday what I learned about photography taking the pictures for this post. I want share the things I am learning about having a photographic eye. It is great fun.

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to stop by Make Mine Pink for Pink Friday. It is "In with the NEW!" I hope you enjoyed seeing my new things. I will be putting new treasures in my store this week so stop by Blessings.Lilli

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sweet little book from Petite Book Store.

I have been rocking the blog contests this past month. I won the blog contest at the Petite Book Store! My prize was a book I really wanted and I was so thrilled to receive. It came when I needed the lift. Just before Christmas when I was exhausted from all I had to do this wonderful book arrived and inspired my "White Christmas".

I love white. Snow images and simple green and white combinations really satisfy my eye. This book is filled with them.
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the book.

I'll give you a tip on photographing the pages in a book. Look at the place the light falls on the page. See the little glowing section in this picture, that is not in the original shot in the book. That is where the light fell on the book when I was photographing it. It is called a "hot spot". The spot where the light reflects on the page. To correct it keep moving the book till the hot spot disappears.
This also happens when you are photographing pictures with glass in them. The glass reflects the light . It also can work like a mirror and you will see your image in the glass. I learned this when photographing pictures for my site only to find my image in my pajamas in the photograph.

LOL Even a cute pair of pajamas don't work. LOL Make sure when you look at the shot before you take it to step out of the shot and don't get caught in the reflection.

This is what is called getting an eye for photography. As artists we have to change our eye from the work of art to our photographic eye. It will save you hours of editing. I am developing my photographic eye.

These lovely stockings are a good example of what I learned from the first shot . I tipped the book till I got a true reading on the page. All of the nuance was that of the original photographer and not my mistake. Looking at books like this one is helping develop my photographic eye. I love the pictures in this book. They really inspire me.
Tedi of the Petite Book store has wonderful presentation and branding. The book came beautifully wrapped in white tissue paper. I was so delighted , I went to her site and ordered another book I had seen and felt I just could not live with out.

The second book came in a sweet cloth bag tied with a purple bow. Inside the book was this wonderful book mark. The book was wrapped like a gift in white tissue tied with a matching purple bow.

I just love her card! So whimsical.

Thank You Tedi for a wonderful experience with Petite Bookstore.

You have made me a fan.

Visit her sweet book store at You will be in for a treat!

Read the post below and you too will have a chance to enter a fun blog contest. It has a really good prize!

Happy New Year! Don't forget this Friday will resume PINK FRIDAYS at Make Mine Pink. It's "Out with the Old" I am sure you will find wonderful clearance items to start your New Year.

My little pink boutique is closing. I am spending sometime in development. You may still visit Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues at I will be posting new things all week.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's all about the Whimsy!

I am huge fan of whimsy. I think that the world gets too serious sometimes. Yes it is good to take responsibility and be accountable. It is also important to be silly, have fun, and engage the magical feelings revealed through whimsy. This link is your ticket to a magical shopping spectacle . It is over the top! I was delighted the minute I saw this site. It really raised the bar for me. I had so much fun. I felt like a little girl who still believed in fairy princesses and knights in shinning amour. Women view shopping as entertainment. This web site is a delicious on line magazine . The products are feminine and fantasy oriented. The presentation is dazzling and more fun than anything I have seen so far. I was completely entertained.

This is a close up from a full size wreathe filled with elegant treasures and a touch of humor for the Marie Antoinette fans.
You have to go see Marie and Louis. They gave me a giggle.

Now I must be honest, I have never understood the whole faux desert thing. Desert as decor eludes me. I want to eat them! These made me a fan for sure. I can think of a million things I could decorate with these little bon bons.

I remember a package I received as a 5 year old. It had some little pink butterfly's like this one on it. Now that was 46 years ago and still remember how captivated I was by those sweet little butterflies. They are vivid in my minds eye.
This site has a zillion darling memories waiting to be made. Dozens of moments filled with lush eye candy!

I'm showing you little snips of my favorite items but go have a whimsical fantastical moment or two and check it out for yourself.

Happy New Year! Thank You Elegance and Whimsy for reminding me to spread a little fairy dust on my life journey!
Enter contest to win $50.00 shopping Elegance and Whimsy . Come join the fun!