Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday catalog for shopping in your pajamas!

Tis the season to forget about traffic and stress. Shop with Make Mine Pink. Get your gifts wrapped and shipped with grace and ease by your very own personal assistant. The shop owners at Make Mine Pink will do the work for you. The selection is wonderful and the items come packaged with love.
A time to create memories for the future. You attend parties , get to decorating and let us ship wonderful gifts from our catalog and shops to your loved ones for you.
Just click the picture and have a cup of coffee, a wonderland of holiday fun awaits!
I am having my first give away! Marie of Savon Marie and Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues want to invite you to look at the catalog and tell us the the item from the sites at Make Mine Pink you would ask Santa for if you were sitting on his lap right now. Be a kid for a moment. I had so much fun last night browsing the sites and being silly. I do love eye candy and the shops at Make Mine Pink are abundant with that! So come on have some fun. In the comments section write a letter to Santa.
Browse through the shops and post your secret wish, include your email for our mailing list and you will be entered to win this wonderful gift basket. Basket is a vintage replica of an old cosmetic label. A Bomb shell soap from Blond in the bathtub line.
Vanilla Sugar lotion and Milk Bath from Savon Marie.
Two beautiful cotton wash cloths.

All come tied in white tulle with a silver star and pink silk flowers to decorate it. Talk to Santa now and remember all holiday to leave stress out and keep your child like imagination alive. Blessings ,Lilli

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Power of The Vision Board

I have a vision board and as most of you know my first published interview was with Joyce Schwarz the author of The Vision Board/The Secret to an Extraordinary Life.
That for me was a dream come true. I have been writing for a very short time. It was a big deal to me to get and do an interview with someone so successful. Someone who is published and a book that is at the core of my belief system.
I am a believer in the power of our minds as tools to attract to our experience the things we most desire. I went to classes for 5 years and am a licenced Spiritual Mind Practitioner.
The Centers for Spiritual Living teach that God is with in and our belief is creative. They teach that we live in a cause and effect world. The cause is our belief or thought and the effect is our life.
Practitioners work with people to help them clear up the things they believe. They do a form of prayer called " affirmative prayer" . I don't ask from an outside God , I reveal things from an inside God. I claim the good that I desire. People say " Seeing is believing" I say " Believing is seeing".
I support your spiritual journey what ever you believe. There is one God and many paths to understanding. Not one right way , but many ways to realize the power of God.
I have just started using a vision board. I don't believe the images on my board have power but that what those images bring to my mind does.
I posted a picture of a woman dressed in vintage clothing on my board because I am working to change my business from a mish mash of all kinds of things to a store of beautiful, affordable clothing. Vintage styles and accessories with a touch of home decor.
At the time I put the picture on my board I didn't notice the mantle so much. But everyday I was looking at the picture and believing this or better would be mine.
I have a friend who is an artist and an interior decorator. He did a home that was shabby chic. It was becoming a modern home.The lady wanted him to just get the things she didn't want out of the house.

I was the lucky one to receive a new white rug with pink and blue flowers and a wonderful plaster mantle. I had a rug that was an old black and red Persian rug. It was a good rug but did not reflect my taste. I am a cross between shabby chic and ultra modern.
I live in an upstairs apartment and must cover my floors 80%. When I ripped out the carpet to reveal the hardwood I had to put a rug down and the black one is what appeared.
I fine tuned my desire and began talking about and visioning a light lovely rug. I started clearing and cleaning and decorating as though the rug were light. I finally picked up the black rug and put down an $14 rag rug in beige just to have the feel I wanted. I was not in a position to buy a new rug of any value.

Then the items came. I also received the left over paint and it is a wonderful Tiffany blue. I started to look at the picture on my vision board and realized she was leaning on a mantle in a Tiffany blue room. I never dreamed of a beautiful white mantle but the image went into my subconscious mind so clearly that it appeared, at a price I could afford, FREE. That picture embodied a feeling I wanted about my life and work.
I am a red head, she is a red head. I started looking at the picture and realized I could create that look with the things I already had. Another one of my clients had some old art work they wanted out of the garage so they could park in it. I received a wonderful 50's painting of Paris. I have a picture of Paris on my vision board.
OK here is my point, it is easy for me to believe in my ability to attract things. I have a nack for it. I just have to get the nack for attracting the qualities of life I desire. No matter how much I have studied building the consciousness of success is still a daily job. If i can attract things I can attract success.
That is where you all come in. My girls at Make Mine Pink keep me on track. You help me believe I can be a success even when I don't believe it. We all want sales, but the measure of success for me can't be on sales alone. I am fine tuning my consciousness of success and you better believe that customers who want what I have is going on my vision board right after I push print on this post!!! LOL
Blessings dear ones, Lilli

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shop Hop Day One

This is for the purest. Yes we love pink and in my case blue but some people just love traditional holiday decorations . I created this for them. I know it isn't my usual look but I wanted to provide something that could be sent as a gift to someone who loves the red and green. It has roses....LOL

OK here is my pink....ahhh I had fun making this one. Sparkles all over the place.

This shop is near my house. You can not believe my delight when I saw the pink couch. I love the reflection in the window. for some real eye candy check out this link
hope you are all enjoying great success at The Shop Hop at Make Mine Pink. Everyday I am adding new items. Special thanks to Pei Li I won her blog give away! Whoo hoo!