Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year!

The New Year is waiting in the wings. The holidays have come and gone and the promise of spring is in my heart and on my mind.
What do I need to do to end this year and begin the new one?
Nothing really it is just going to happen. That is the beauty of life. It just keeps moving forward.
The sand of time waits for no one.
Refection brings me to a new place. A magical place of evaluation. A place where I get the opportunity to release the unwanted and decide what I will keep as an active energy in my life now.
The most important thing that I have learned in 2008 is compassion. I have compassion for myself which allows me to be more compassionate with others.
I always thought of myself as a compassionate person but a deepening understanding has shown me ways that I may improve .
I choose to release the voice in my head that has harsh words for anyone or anything, including myself.
I stand arms spread wide. I welcome love. I forgive every error of the past and commit to happiness.
I release who I thought I was suppose to be and commit to authenticity. This will change the way I do everything. It will bring ease and grace.
Thank you all for your contributions to my life in 2008. I want to start listing but I don't want to leave one of you out. So I ask that you remember what we have shared in 2008 and know that my life has been better for having known you and shared a part of this earth time with you.
I am so grateful for the whimsy. I respect the knowledge shared. I am stronger for seeing your courage. I bless you all for the open sharing of your stories and your lives.
We are powerful beings. May your minds be clear and your hearts be full of perfect creative expression. Most of all I send you love. Let's all have a New Year filled with the best that life has to offer.
Cheers, Lilli

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's not the gift it's the wrap that counts.

In my family gift wrap is a big deal. My sweet Mother was the best at gift wrap. Always used real satin ribbon and no store bought bows. Her packages were so beautiful that when I was a little girl I never wanted to open them. She would laugh and say " For heaven's sake Debra just tear the paper." I would open them so careful so I could save the pretty paper.

My Aunt worked in the gift wrap department of a department store downtown Elgin, Illinois so she had all the fancy package decorations. I still have package decoration that came on packages from my Aunt. I use them on my tree.
My sister also worked in the gift wrap department of ZCMI in Utah. When she changed departments and became the toys buyer people came looking for her at Christmas because it just wasn't the same without her cheerful wrapping.

My sister is not decorating this year for Christmas. She lived with my Mother and since this is our first year with out my Mom she just can't face all the memories the ornaments hold. So I decided to do over the top packages and send them to my sister so she can place them around the house for decorations and after we open them on Christmas morning her house will be all undecorated for her again.
Now my Mom has a storage shed FULL of decorations. My Mom was Martha Stewart with a dash of real elegance. Everyone I know has a center piece or wreathe by my Mom.
In spring when the holiday has pasted my sister and I are going to open that shed. There are boxes in there that have not been opened in years! It will be fun but probably a little melancholy as well. Two sisters bonding over Christmas past. We are going to do it when the sun is shinning and the pool is open so we can go swimming after.

This year I didn't unpack my old decorations for the same reasons. Too many memories. Next year I'll take them out again.
Last Friday at Make Mine pink we shared decorating and gift wrap ideas. My Little Pink Boutique has a bunch of great ideas check it out It is our way to say Thank you for being wonderful customers all year long. This Friday at Make Mine Pink we will be sharing our holiday reciepes with you so please stop by and have a peek for some yummy ideas. Here are some pictures of my kitchen . I always change out all my pastel pottery for my Botonical Gardens pottery and snow men. Enjoy and have a wonderful season! Lilli

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A winner to my first blog give away!

And the winner is................................ The Princess of Pink! Dutchy..............Merry Christmas your package is on the way. Thank you too all who entered.