Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring Time in Paris

You will find all of these items for sale at Make Mine . check out all the great things being offered at Make Mine Pink. A purchase in any shop will make you happy camper! Happy Pink Friday!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something is coming,something good!

Get ready for Pink Friday's at Make Mine Pink! I will be giving you more information in the days to stay tuned. Check back on May 30th and you will see what I do with these pieces.All of the shops at Make Mine Pink will be featuring "Springtime in Paris" themed items. So come on who wouldn't love to be in Paris in the springtime.Let us take you there one delicious treasure at a time!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

It's Show and Tell Monday!Make Mine Pink has been a most amazing experience for me.I have been thinking about how the time just flies when I am working on my Little Pink Boutique. All of the work is driven by my passion for clothing and people.

For many years I worked in the entertainment industry in costume design.It was such a thrill for me to see an actor react to the wardrobe I would find for their character.

I started out as an actress and a model.I worked for a company called California Talls by Robert. But my true love was dressing people. I can look at a person and look at a garment and know if it will fit. It is a crazy uncanny talent that I knew someday would translate into success of some kind.

I was in a play called "Sugar" it is the musical version of "Some Like IT Hot" You know the old movie with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis.Well the costume designer was pregnant and the baby decided to premiere a week before opening night so the costumes were not finished.

I was playing the title role and when all the costumes arrived from one of those rental companies they did not fit me.(I am 6ft. tall) They really didn't fit anyone. So I took on the project of designing the new ones. I rearranged who would wear what and went to the thrift store to find things that would work for the rest of the cast.

It was set in the 50's so you couldn't just wear your own clothing it had to be period appropriate.I stayed up all night for many nights sewing and decorating. ( I drank a lot of coffee!). It was a blast. But the real thrill for me came when I was handing out the costumes to the other actors and saw how they got better at their parts once they put the costume on.

Great clothing can change the way you feel. I was a struggling actress and couldn't afford expensive clothing so I remade things from thrift stores.

I soon found everyone wanted cloths like I was finding.They would ask me where I got this or that and I would say "Oh...I rescued it from The Good Will" Lots of "ooos" and "ahhhs" and "no ways". My girlfriends all said they wanted to go with me but they just didn't have the desire to go through the racks like I did. After too many old polyester blouses and they would give up.So I started finding things for them.

For years people have said I should have my own shop. It was not in the cards till I found Make Mine Pink. Here is a place where my love for people and clothing come together.

I am picky. I want to sell only really great resale clothing.Great designers and only garments that had been gently worn. No stains or tears or signs of wear but beautiful crisp fun items at a price that is affordable.

I want every woman to have the kind of wardrobe she dreams of and feel beautiful everyday. If you have a family and a job that can mean your wardrobe comes last. But if you can buy a beautiful Armani Blouse for the price of a T shirt at Macy's do you care that it was previously enjoyed? I don't.

Everything at Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescue has been checked over carefully and cleaned so when you receive it has only truly gentle signs of use.Most things look new!

If you have an occasion you are attending , a Target budget and Saks Fifth Avenue taste contact me and I will find you something.

Till my web site is finished I will change the items in my boutique often.New things are coming in every day.My goal is to bring you the kind of clothing that makes you feel wonderful!

Blessings of every kind. Lilli

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's New at Lilli Blue's

What do you do when you have so many great things to sell and only 9 pictures to post in your Little Pink Boutique?I'm going to post what is new in my blog. You email me if you see something that makes you tingle and I will pop it in the boutique just for you.Everything on this page can be placed in the boutique.

I am working on a web site but for now here is what's new!

This is a black suit, size 10 petite.Kasper is the designer. It is my favorite fabric. A beautiful lush matte georgette. It would make a great evening suit. Pearls or rhinestones could really dress it up, I love the way the buttons are hidden behind the panel. Sleek and very sexy!(In a good girl way LOL)
This a J Crew linen blouse. The button is a button cover and can be removed for cleaning. Also a size 10/12 a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Next are the Rubinesque items I have been promising.

Citron makes this green silk twin set. Size 3X. wonderful flow to the cut and a feeling of elegance. The fabric is 100% silk.It has a subtle Oriental pattern.The sleeveless shell underneath has little slits in the side so it hangs soft and moves with you.Next is a Dana Buchman Suit size 20. The pant has an elastic waist for comfort . Fully lined but in the softest matte georgette. It feels amazing. This suit was only worn once.Great for someone losing weight. The jacket is generous and the waist on the pant starts goes from 30 inches to a comfortable 42 inches.

It is a charcoal grey pin stripe.Light weight and so soft. This suit will travel well.Maybe toWilliamsburg with a pink corsage on it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Shop in town!

Happy Show and Tell Monday!

This is a big one for me because we are celebrating the opening of my Little Pink Boutique at Make Mine Pink.
All of the ladies at Make Mine Pink have been amazing. I am so grateful to all of you who have held my hand and taught me what I needed to know.
To my sweet Tom , I could not have done this without you , you have turned me into a techie. Your love and support make me so free to be in the moment.I love my banner!
To Marguerite and James.........I don't have to tell you cause I know you know.Thank You let's rock this planet!
To Evan.........dragons are real and yeah it is the girliest site on the Internet! Your late night phone calls are always fun. (If you don't tell I won't)
To my sister Nancy and my brother is everything. I know Mom is looking down today and is happy.
And to Kerry thank you for believing in me I still believe in you.
Now enough gushing, Let's see what's coming up next.
Here are some of the things that I will be adding to my shop!

This needle point hand bag is a favorite of mine. It is stitched on the bottom with the name and date by the artist 1966.

These are beautiful little dresser dishes in the Empress pattern. One for rings and things and the square one is an ash tray.
Puss and Boots/ Land T. V. lamp. it is in perfect working order. Nothing like a great fairy tale kitty to light up your desk or dresser. Perfect for a child's room.He stands about 10 inches high and is begging for a designer lamp shade. I guess this will be my next project!
Have a blessed and wonderful week!Visit all the shops at Make Mine Pink.......wonderful treasures are just waiting for a new home with you!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Show and tell Monday is here!'s Monday! After a busy week end of shooting and editing pictures I am ready to Show and Tell! I thought I would share with you some pictures of things I will have in my Little Pink Boutique.
First is a delicious pink beaded top by Calypso/Christiane Gelle .It's 100%pure silk . I love finds like this one. fantasy clothing is my favorite. Every woman should own a few pieces that have that princess energy and this one sure does!

This white cotton blouse is from BananaRepublic.The pattern is burnt cotton. You can see through the flowers.It would go great with a pair of jeans or cotton skirt.

Last is a silk velvetHarari jacket. 1x!I will be carrying clothing for womenwho look like Rubin paintings.Lush and beautiful at every size.You can eat the famous fudge and still wear this black and brown yummy jacket too!

This is a just a preview of what is to come at Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues.From gold tea cups to velvet jackets I promise to bring you the best of previously enjoyed treasures! Happy Monday! Blessings. Lilli

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mother's Day

This will be the first Mother's Day since my Mom became an angel. What can I say about this amazing lady? I miss her so much. She always wanted me to write a story about her.
My mother was an amazing artist. She made the most beautiful floral arrangements and wreathes.She had a very clean style. She loved sophisticated elegance. Never wanted anything to look homey or home made.Her floral arrangements were grand and sweeping.
She worked with silk flowers and would joke about the fact that she could bend them to her will. She got to decide what direction they faced. LOL that was Mom.
Everyone I know has a wreathe made by my Mom. She made them and gave them away.
Last night I took a class in Floral design and we created this arrangement above. I thought of her all night.
On the way home from the class I spotted a trash bin brimming with the biggest wreath I ever saw. Just as I was writing this I realized it was a message from Mom.

It is very large. She is telling me to think BIG!Do you think it means anything that it is PINK ? My Mom always told me I could do anything if I put my mind to it. She was a force of nature and still is as far as I'm concerned.She would have loved that I am opening a Little Pink Boutique.
So this post is in loving memory of Dolores biggest fan.