Thursday, November 5, 2009

Buster's Antique Attic

 Recently I met a muse,Tina Millman, owner of Buster's Antique Attic in historic Culver City .
Tina's shop is more an environment than a store. The smell of incense burning and music playing in a space that feels to me like an old theater from days gone by, stirs things deep inside me I have not felt for a long time.

She is a magical delicious merchant of marvels who leads with her heart and thinks in colors, textures and melodic nuance. Tina's the kind of "shop proprietress" who believes that shopping is an exchange of energy. The items in her store are selected with a keen eye for detail and are infused with the mystical . Shopping with Tina is a journey into your own imagination.

Buster's Antique Attic is more than a gift shop. Tina's vintage clothing collection reflects her eclectic taste. It's a place where collectors meet and enjoy sharing knowledge. The largest room doubles as a performance space and is used for fashion shows, poetry readings,classes and workshops of many kinds.

In a time when we need it most Tina is creating community. A place to meet and play. Conversations about life and art. A place where whimsy is sacred and dressing is a history lesson.

Many local artists are represented in her collection of treasures. Events range from Feng Shui workshops and Vintage fashion shows to Japanese Rakgo Storytelling and Oscar Night Parties. A full calendar of events is always underway including my favorite event LADIES NIGHT, late night shopping with just the girls. I love vintage clothing. Nothing is more fun than going through the racks of hard to find one of a kind vintage attire and finding that perfect garment you just can't live without.

You will sip yummy hot libations and munch on sweet treats while eye candy dazzles your senses. All items in the shop are available for purchase. The music will move you and the magic will delight your spirit. Buster greats you in his fetching red sweater, tail wagging and waiting for hugs and kisses.

Join Tina for an event or stop by and have a peek around. Experience the inspiration and excitement I have been blessed with by becoming a part of this community. It's a great way to meet new people and have some fun.
Buster's Antique Attic
3951 B Higuera Street Culver City, Ca. 90323 310-559-3597
 Blessings of every kind to you! Debra ( Lilli Blue)


Karen-CharmingsCollectibles said...

I wish I could come! Be sure to post lots of pictures :-)

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