Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's all about the Whimsy!

I am huge fan of whimsy. I think that the world gets too serious sometimes. Yes it is good to take responsibility and be accountable. It is also important to be silly, have fun, and engage the magical feelings revealed through whimsy. This link is your ticket to a magical shopping spectacle . It is over the top! I was delighted the minute I saw this site. It really raised the bar for me. I had so much fun. I felt like a little girl who still believed in fairy princesses and knights in shinning amour. Women view shopping as entertainment. This web site is a delicious on line magazine . The products are feminine and fantasy oriented. The presentation is dazzling and more fun than anything I have seen so far. I was completely entertained.

This is a close up from a full size wreathe filled with elegant treasures and a touch of humor for the Marie Antoinette fans.
You have to go see Marie and Louis. They gave me a giggle.

Now I must be honest, I have never understood the whole faux desert thing. Desert as decor eludes me. I want to eat them! These made me a fan for sure. I can think of a million things I could decorate with these little bon bons.

I remember a package I received as a 5 year old. It had some little pink butterfly's like this one on it. Now that was 46 years ago and still remember how captivated I was by those sweet little butterflies. They are vivid in my minds eye.
This site has a zillion darling memories waiting to be made. Dozens of moments filled with lush eye candy!

I'm showing you little snips of my favorite items but go have a whimsical fantastical moment or two and check it out for yourself.

Happy New Year! Thank You Elegance and Whimsy for reminding me to spread a little fairy dust on my life journey!
Enter contest to win $50.00 shopping Elegance and Whimsy . Come join the fun!


Buttercream Cottage said...

Thank you for the visit. Great blog!

Nancy said...

Lilli Dear, You always do such wonderful things with your blog!

Couture de Papier said...

I love your shop ..the bras and corsets!!

Patricia said...

You are such a wonderful friend to all of us. What a lovely blog for Cathy.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

cathy said...

I love whimsical things too. They just make me happy! These things are wonderful!

Michelle said...

Im in LOVE with your "whimsy".... it is definitely one of my favorite parts of vintage. YOu left a post on my family blog about joining "make mine pink" and I ABOSLUTELY am going to do that. Thank you for the tip:} I am brand new at blogging and appreciate any help I can get. You comented on my little girl in our picture..thank you. We think she is precious! She has a blog with more photos and I dont know if you have visited my business blog...just in case its
its a work in progress but I plan on having lots of great stuff posted "follow" me!