Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday catalog for shopping in your pajamas!

Tis the season to forget about traffic and stress. Shop with Make Mine Pink. Get your gifts wrapped and shipped with grace and ease by your very own personal assistant. The shop owners at Make Mine Pink will do the work for you. The selection is wonderful and the items come packaged with love.
A time to create memories for the future. You attend parties , get to decorating and let us ship wonderful gifts from our catalog and shops to your loved ones for you.
Just click the picture and have a cup of coffee, a wonderland of holiday fun awaits!
I am having my first give away! Marie of Savon Marie and Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues want to invite you to look at the catalog and tell us the the item from the sites at Make Mine Pink you would ask Santa for if you were sitting on his lap right now. Be a kid for a moment. I had so much fun last night browsing the sites and being silly. I do love eye candy and the shops at Make Mine Pink are abundant with that! So come on have some fun. In the comments section write a letter to Santa.
Browse through the shops and post your secret wish, include your email for our mailing list and you will be entered to win this wonderful gift basket. Basket is a vintage replica of an old cosmetic label. A Bomb shell soap from Blond in the bathtub line.
Vanilla Sugar lotion and Milk Bath from Savon Marie.
Two beautiful cotton wash cloths.

All come tied in white tulle with a silver star and pink silk flowers to decorate it. Talk to Santa now and remember all holiday to leave stress out and keep your child like imagination alive. Blessings ,Lilli


Susan said...

Dear Santa,
Please give Lilli Blue lots of customers for the new year :-)
Love and Kisses,
Susan *dutchrose*

Shell said...

Dear Santa,
If I can have anything I want from the pages of the MMP catalog, then I would like one of each. (hey,it doesn't hurt to ask) :)

PS, "ditto" to what Susan said.

Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Dear Santa,
Oh my I have a huge favor on my list...
I would like for all my pink sisters to have a wonderful and unstressful pink holiday with there families. I know this is alot to ask for, but I know times are really hard for some of us and the holidays are such a special time. Let it be a wonderful memory for everyone...
That is what I would ask Santa for !
Happy Holiday...

Andrea-Brown Bee Studio said...

Dear Santa,
My name is Andie, and I'm afraid I have to tell the truth that I haven't been as good a girl as I should have been this year. Please don't hold that against me Santa...I would so love to find a lovely Make Mine Pink gift under my tree!
I know you must have gifts for the other girls and boys too, so I won't ask for one of each of everything. I sure would like to though! But I don't want the others to be sad. I think what I would love best of all would be just a small jar of Carol's "Ooh Fudge" and a divine tuffet from Sharon. That would be such a special treat!
I promise I will do my best in the coming year to be slower to anger and quicker to smile, and to be kinder to everyone. I also promise to leave a special treat for you and the reindeer near the tree.
Please give Mrs. Santa a big hug and a kiss on the cheek for me, and be safe as you deliver gifts to all the girls and boys!
Love Always,

Cottage Flair said...

Dear Santa,
I would like one of each please ... but if I really have to choose and not be too greedy, I would like the gift from Katie's Rose Cottage, Lilli Blue's or Rose Petals and Blooms. It is just so hard to choose! I would like all of the MMP ladies to have a successful and fun holiday.

Patricia said...

Santa Baby,
I would like something hard and shiny, please. No not a diamond ring, silly. Could you stop over at Shabby Shan's and pick up the silver tea service? It's been a dream of mine since I was a young bride (which was quite a long time ago!)

I've been a pretty good girl this year (comparatively speaking)and will try even harder next year.


Susie said...

Dear Santa
I would love to be able to take pictures as pretty as Lilli Blue takes. She has just the right touch for beauty.
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Dear Santa,

I would love to have more knowledge and creative juices flowing my way for the new year!

Pei Li

Princess Of Pink said...

Dear Santa, all I ask this year is a little peace of mind and for my depression to go away.
As for a gift: anything you might want to give me is appreciated.

Hugs from Marian/Dutchy on MMP

Carol at Clutter Bug Studio said...

Dear Santa,
Oh how unfair to have to choose just one item. Waaa. So, because of that, Santa, I would like to wish for a peaceful holiday where all my pink sisters and their families enjoy traditions of olde - filled with warm fuzzy feelings and good cheer.

Then how about some economic upturns for the first of the year???
That's all, Santa. LOL

Carrie Gonzalez said...

Dear Santa,
I could never choose from that amazing catalog of goodies. I will just ask that all the ladies of MMP have a blessed new year filled with happiness, health and oh how about a little wealth? :)

Shabby Shan said...

Dear Santa,
Everything in the MMP catalog is so pretty it is hard to pick just one item, so I picked two. I would really love to have one of Lisa of Pale Pink and Roses magazine organizers and a Holiday Fairy House from Treasured Heirlooms. I also hope that all of my pink sisters at MMP has a healthy and happy New Year!
Shannon of Shabby Shan's Cottage

Shell said...

Dear Santa,

I love a digital camera and a new MP3 player. Please give Lilli Blue her most dearest wish since she is so kind to let us write to you on her lovely blog.


theresa said...

Ok Santa this is my third try and if this doesn't got through i guess i will do like when i was a child only i will use a stamp Santa i would like for wars to end for children to have food clothing
and a roof over there heads and most importantly Love I would like for the people of this world to not be complacent. the people here have a good start on it but we need your help Santa and anyone that will listen Thank you and yes i do still believe Theresa

Mary said...

hugs from my children ..a kiss from my man......a creative new year sew as much as i can...anything pink....i loved it as long as i can remember... and for all of my friends and family a happy december ....thanks santa

Princess Of Pink said...

One way or the other your email didn't work, so HAVE to post it all here.
Could you LEASE delete my address after you've read it??
Thanks again, Lili!!
THANK you SO much, Lili!
For "making" me win your Blog contest, YAY!!
My address:

Marian Woldhek
Bentpollen 19
9511 PZ Gieterveen
the Netherlands.

Thanks again, you've made my day a little happier.

Hugs from Marian/Dutchy from MMP!!

Andrea-Brown Bee Studio said...

See Lilli, it's contagious in the BEST way! lol