Monday, September 8, 2008

The Art of Friendship

I am so blessed to have a wonderful friend who is an artist. James Richardson is the creator of Booby Traps the wearable art creations featured on my web site .

James is a New Yorker living and creating art in Los Angeles. His studio is on Abbott Kinney the Grenich Village of the West Coast. He is a modern artist with so much style and the king of whimsy.

This week I am featuring his art work for my show and tell. Just want you all to get to see the wonderful things he creates.

James is a good friend. He keeps me laughing and thinking in a positive way. His work is fun! He uses bright colors and is a master with a hot glue gun! LOL

Theses paintings are part of the art show he is doing this week to benefit MS research.
James has supported me through some of the toughest times in my life. He is always up for an adventure like going down to the flower mart at the crack of dawn or gluing a million rhinestones to something just to make it sparkle. I hope you enjoy my little art show and stop by my web site and check out the Booby Traps.

To see James in person visit his studio @1212 Abbott Kinney Venice, California September 12, 2008 from 7 to 10 PM and meet Connie the New York socialite and director of The Charm School for the Uncharming. Don't be alarmed get some CHARM! Below you see her modeling a Booby Trap. She is a very fashion forward girl with a flair for putting charm where it isn't!
Have a great week! blessings,Lilli


Patricia said...

Thanks for introducing us to James and Connie! What a fun show and tell, love it. James has got to have a great outlook on life, his art is fun.


gail said...

Hi Lilli,, thanks for sharing James and his work. I love his eye for color. Very beautiful art. I hope your doing well, take care hugs, ((()))gail

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Love his art Lilli - very colorful!

cathy said...

James has a great style & eye for color! He sounds like a fun friend.

Cottage Flair said...

James sounds like a great friend. Wonderful artwork.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

LMBO @ Booby Traps! That's fantabulous! =0] Isn't it great to have such a devoted, COLORFUL friend in James? I love you too my sweet friend, and I sincerely appreciate your kind words. I know you're having a bit of difficulty right now too. Just know you're always in my thoughts and prayers...and this too shall pass...

Carrie Gonzalez said...

Thanks for sharing such a talented artist with us. He sounds like an amazing friend as well. It is such a blessing to have people in our lives to make it brighter and keep us laughing. Wonderful art work!

Inka Thomas said...

Hi Lilli,
So glad you have a great friend in James and Connie looks like she is such a hoot to be with!!! Glad he is doing the benifet for MS. That is a worthy cause. Talk to you later girl.

Shell said...

Hey Lilli,
James does incredible work! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like he is a good friend indeed.
Hugs to you.

Carol said...

Hi Lilli,
just checking out your blog from the "Lolli Guild". I LOVE that artwork by James and what a great friend! I especially love the picture with the shells & starfish, stunning! Hello in CA....from PA

Susan said...

I love his sense of color...and the Boobie Traps caught my eye the first time you showed them!
Susan *dutchrose*

Susie said...

Hi Lilli! What a fun show and tell. I love that you featured your best bud, James. Sounds like you two have the greatest times together through up and downs.
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVE THE SEA SHELL PAINTING! THAT IS AMAZING A MERMAIDS DREAM HAHA!! but I just wanted to come by and tell you thank you soo much for coming by my blog I got through the ruffest part because of people like you who show support and love to me I just wanted to come by and say thank you and if I could give you a big big hugs I would sooo here it is!
(((((((((((BIG Hug)))))))))))))

hehe anywho have a great weekend!