Sunday, August 3, 2008

I've been tagged! Show and Tell Monday!

I have been tagged by Debbie of Cozy Cottage. OK ..... I'll Show and Tell! LOL I am to tell you 7 strange and /or random things about myself. I have given this much thought. So here goes.......

1- My first kiss was Tom Jones.

2- My mother and I made a pack that she would contact me after she passed by using the song "Autumn Leaves". I have been playing Debbie's music from her blog while I am writing this and wouldn't you know that as I type this the song Autumn Leaves came on in her line up of songs from her blog. I am so awed. All I can say is "Hi Mom" and Thanks Deb!

3-Brace yourselves for this one....are you ready... my favorite color is not PINK. I know..... after the smelling salts get passed around I'll tell you that I love green. All kinds of green. My engagement ring was not a diamond but an emerald.

4-My favorite affirmation is " Don't wait for your dreams to come true. Your dreams are waiting for you to come true."

I had a friend who was a character actress. Her name was Kathleen Friedman. She was in all the Jerry Lewis movies. You would know her face in a moment if you saw her she worked all the time. She sang in the choir with me at church. Even though she had great success she always had wanted to be on Broadway.

Long before " The Secret" we studied The Science of Mind together at our church. She was a Practitioner. That is something you have to study for 3 years to achieve.

She set the intention that she would be on Broadway. She was a powerful clear thinking woman. A friend of hers was offered a part in a little play in San Diego called " The Full Monty" the friend did not want to do the play so she recommended Kathleen. Kathleen took the part because it sounded like fun even though it was just a small part.

The play was a big hit and went to Broadway and Kathleen was nominated for a Tony Award for her role. They invited her to do her number from the show on the Tony's. Kathleen was in a hit show on Broadway the day she passed away. She was living the dream. She is the one who gave me that affirmation. Everyday to the best of my ability I "come true".

5- I lost a job as a showgirl in the Follies Bergere because I am afraid of heights. The opening number starts at the top of hundreds of stairs and I was afraid to walk down them. They made the stairs really small so it would look like there were more of them and my foot was bigger than the step. I was so afraid of those darn steps. I tried to act cool but they could see me shaking all over.

The girl that got the job fell down those stairs during her first show and broke her leg. By the time I got the call that I could be her replacement I had already moved to L.A. Years later I ended up working as the assistant to the director of the Follies. He lived here in Los Angeles. I guess when you are meant to do something it doesn't matter what you do it comes to you.

6-My first pet was a black and white rabbit named Freckles.

7-I didn't learn to drive a car till I was 40. I got my drivers licence on my 40Th birthday!

OK I get to tag 4 people.........Ha ha

Carrie of Noelle Garret Designs

Momma Bear ( Joyce Lucas)of Make Mine Pink and Cottage Collections

Patricia Rose of Patricia Rose A Potpourri Fragrance,Fabrics, Findings and all that jazz LOL

Dianne of Mama's Pocket Book

Have a wonderful week. See you on Friday for a fun event filled with VINTAGE LINENS!!! Pink Friday will be a blast this week! Blessings, Lilli


Silena said...

Hi Lilli,
Wow, you certainly have lived (uh correction, are living) a charmed life. Lots of exciting things happen to exciting people, so I know that you are both charming and exciting! Great read!!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Lilli!

I had fun reading about you Lilli. You are so cute. My hubby is afraid of heights too. And you were first kissed by Tom Jones?? lol And that's okay if pink is not your first and favorite color. My favorite color is black! lol
Have a great week ahead Lilli I wish you tons of sales and all good things!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Lilli,

Wow, thanks for sharing the interesting insights of your life with us. It is so exciting to read those snippets.

Pei Li

Lisa said...


What a wonderfully exciting life you have lived. My mom will be so jealous when I tell her you kissed Tom Jones.


Carolee Crafts said...

Hi Lilli

You have certainly given me food for thought, all things happen for a reason.

kath@retromantic antiques said...

What amazing things you have done! TOM JONES???? OK that deserves a story. Sounds like you always have listened to your inner voice and it was right! kath

Marie said...

Hi Lilli,
It was fun reading about your life. I totally understand about the heights. I can not even stand near the edge of the subway platform without feeling dizzy. Your story about your friend Kathleen is truly inspiring.

Inka Thomas said...

Wow Lilli,
You sure have some stories to tell...I bet there is lots more. I have lived such a sheltered life living in the mountains most of it but I would not trade it for anything. The beauty of God's earth is abundunt there and I miss it. Thanks for sharing your story.

Cottage Flair said...

I loved reading your post Lilli. You choose seven fun things. I really enjoyed the part about your friend too.

mommasquirrel said...

I had the greatest fun reading your post. What an exciting adventure life has been for you.
Hugs Lilli and thank you for sharing.
Colby :)

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Hi Lilli,
It has been such a blast reading about some of your adventures in life. You know something, Tom Jones pulled my 8 year old niece up on stage at a show and gave her his jacket and a kiss on the cheek. She is 25 and still has a picture with him on her dresser. LOL. Thank you for tagging me, this will be fun. Have a great day!

sita said...

Wow! What a fun life! Thanks for sharing these fun facts.

Michelle M. May said...

Goodness girl you have the most interesting life! It was so fun to read this. Love the fact you had a bunny. :)

Patricia said...

That was so much fun reading about you. Thanks for tagging me (I think, lol). That is so cool about your Mom,


Susan said...

Fascinating autobiography! Loved reading the tidbits!
Susan *dutchrose*

Brandie said...

I just love these random facts tags. It is so fun to hear little things about everyone that you might not have known. I have to say am thoroughly jealous. It was my dream to be on Broadway too but life worked out a bit differently for me. What a fun post!

lafemmerose said...


Your post blessed me and made my day!! You are so very happy like me all the time and it's great to have yet another Pinkie who loves life!!

Thanks for the infectious "bubbles" of smiles...

xoxo Teriann

Craft Diva said...

good to get to know you, debra. you have reminded me that i was tagged as gail... oh well...that will be another post for me to work on! haha!

fyi...this friday is wonderful whites.

cathy said...

Wow, what an interesting life! Was it THE Tom Jones you kissed? You should write a book of your life experiences.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the wonderful Christmas stockings below!

Pearl said...

Hi Lilli... Your blog is lovely and I enjoyed reading your exciting "7 Things"...

Thanks for visiting me the other day and for your sweet comments... that was so kind of you! I hope you'll be able to return soon...


Susie said...

It is so much fun learning about all our pink, oops, green sisters! Lilli, I just know there is a book out there waiting for you to write it. You amaze me!
The Polka Dot Rose