Sunday, May 18, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

It's Show and Tell Monday!Make Mine Pink has been a most amazing experience for me.I have been thinking about how the time just flies when I am working on my Little Pink Boutique. All of the work is driven by my passion for clothing and people.

For many years I worked in the entertainment industry in costume design.It was such a thrill for me to see an actor react to the wardrobe I would find for their character.

I started out as an actress and a model.I worked for a company called California Talls by Robert. But my true love was dressing people. I can look at a person and look at a garment and know if it will fit. It is a crazy uncanny talent that I knew someday would translate into success of some kind.

I was in a play called "Sugar" it is the musical version of "Some Like IT Hot" You know the old movie with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis.Well the costume designer was pregnant and the baby decided to premiere a week before opening night so the costumes were not finished.

I was playing the title role and when all the costumes arrived from one of those rental companies they did not fit me.(I am 6ft. tall) They really didn't fit anyone. So I took on the project of designing the new ones. I rearranged who would wear what and went to the thrift store to find things that would work for the rest of the cast.

It was set in the 50's so you couldn't just wear your own clothing it had to be period appropriate.I stayed up all night for many nights sewing and decorating. ( I drank a lot of coffee!). It was a blast. But the real thrill for me came when I was handing out the costumes to the other actors and saw how they got better at their parts once they put the costume on.

Great clothing can change the way you feel. I was a struggling actress and couldn't afford expensive clothing so I remade things from thrift stores.

I soon found everyone wanted cloths like I was finding.They would ask me where I got this or that and I would say "Oh...I rescued it from The Good Will" Lots of "ooos" and "ahhhs" and "no ways". My girlfriends all said they wanted to go with me but they just didn't have the desire to go through the racks like I did. After too many old polyester blouses and they would give up.So I started finding things for them.

For years people have said I should have my own shop. It was not in the cards till I found Make Mine Pink. Here is a place where my love for people and clothing come together.

I am picky. I want to sell only really great resale clothing.Great designers and only garments that had been gently worn. No stains or tears or signs of wear but beautiful crisp fun items at a price that is affordable.

I want every woman to have the kind of wardrobe she dreams of and feel beautiful everyday. If you have a family and a job that can mean your wardrobe comes last. But if you can buy a beautiful Armani Blouse for the price of a T shirt at Macy's do you care that it was previously enjoyed? I don't.

Everything at Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescue has been checked over carefully and cleaned so when you receive it has only truly gentle signs of use.Most things look new!

If you have an occasion you are attending , a Target budget and Saks Fifth Avenue taste contact me and I will find you something.

Till my web site is finished I will change the items in my boutique often.New things are coming in every day.My goal is to bring you the kind of clothing that makes you feel wonderful!

Blessings of every kind. Lilli


Theresa said...

What a lovely post. "Some Like It Hot" was some movie. So, you had the Marilyn MOnroe part in the stage play. Wowsa, and you redesigned and fitted all the costumes. You go girl...What a gift. I am looking forward to your offering for next Friday's theme.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Oh it so pretty! I love it! Have a beautiful day!
Pink Hugs,

Marie said...

Hi Lilli,
I really enjoyed reading your post. looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Lilli, That's an amazing story. I wish you much success with your MMP LPB and the website. ~ Lynn

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Lilli,

What a great post! Now I know how your passion in fashion, clothes started.

Pei Li

Cottage Collections said...

Lilli what a wonderful interesting post! I learn something new every single day! It sounds like you really have found a unique and much needed niche! I look forward to watching your business blossom.

Carolyn...The Craft Diva said...

how pretty. you are one talented lady to be working in costume design. congrats on your site too!

Patricia said...

Lilli, I think your post was wonderful. The story behind your passion is great to know about. You're going to be in the big time in no time!!


sita said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely story with us, you seem so talented. I couldn't imagine doing costume work.

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Lilli, I really enjoyed reading your post. As soon as payday hits I will be visiting your boutique. I love resale and vintage clothes. I am always on the hunt for unique clothing items. You have a great eye for beautiful, unique items!

Inka Thomas said...

That was a great story. I love MM and that shade of pink is lovely. I bet if feels good on your skin too!

Lisa said...


I love your posts and look forward to "Show & Tell Monday's to see what lovely items you have found. What a beautiful offering. You are amazing.


gail said...

Lilli, you have such a wonderful plan and I hope it is a great success. Believe me I will keep you in mind. I love the kimono style jacket you posted. Its lovely... best wishes on your future business...luv, gail

Debbie said...

Lilli....what an interesting story! Thanks for sharing it with us and best of luck with your new online shop!

Pink hugs,

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

I loved your story. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing what you "find" and add to your LPB at MMP.

Beloved Creations said...

I loved you post and I love the cloths you find. You are a great stylist.

Michelle M. May said...

This was such a treat to read your story. I always love to hear how people got started and what lead them on their adventure. Thanks for this wonderful post and much success to you!

Craft Diva said...

nice show and tell, lilli. i have learned so much about you. thanks for sharing.